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The pen may be mightier than the sword, but book artist takes things one step further with his stark book-art guns. Religions and regimes throughout history have feared the written word yet have sought to use it to their advantage. Robert The’s creations dramatize the power of the word by equating it with a deadly weapon.

Everyone can accuse book artist Doug Beube of twisting their words… because that’s what Beube does, literally. Employing the natural flexibility of paper, bindings and spines to full advantage Beube bends, twists and shapes books into whole new dimensions of meaning. One may no longer be able to read the books morphs but it’s up to each individual onlooker to read meaning into the artist’s contorted constructions.

Joy Campbell, Santa Fe book art artist

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Some book artists work exclusively in the literary medium while others will delve into it only occasionally for a stated purpose. falls into the latter category with his bold and somewhat disturbing “Censored Book”. The sharp, rusty nails and complex rope knots graphically underscore the heavy hand of censorship in all of its crude, single-minded power.

Book artists are turning a new page in expressive art and, to play further on the pun, dare their work to be judged for more than just the covers. Read ‘em and weep? Like all art, appreciating the best in book art depends on the con-text it’s taken in.