The books 35,000 book clubs are reading now.

Jenny, Women in Niceville Book Club

The Book with No Pictures


They are very different books but worth a go! Enjoy!

2. Book clubs – ‘opt in’ open invitations to join a group. The group could meet for 2 hours. In the first hour people read the material silently and in the second hour you discuss. A variation on this is to read an audiobook by listening to it together and then discussing.

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  • "Even bad books are books and therefore sacred" [Günter Grass ]

    Today’s ruling noted that Google limits readers from copying the full text with a scheme that makes at least one in 10 pages from any book unavailable. Google Books “advances the progress of the arts and sciences, while maintaining respectful consideration for the rights of authors and other creative individuals, and without adversely impacting the rights of copyright holders,” wrote Judge Denny Chin. GigaOM has good analysis and the full decision .

    Saturday I got to watch G-Man work his magic on the soccer field. He is just SO fast! Then we were off to run errands and of course since we passed by Barnes and Noble had to take a few minutes there. I picked up by Gretchen Ruben (one of the readings from my 101 list) and read the intro and September. I like this book even better than ! So back home to take the DIL to work and of course since we were already headed south hit another book store –a used book store we hadn’t seen before — the , and I have to give it credit it really is huge and does have a really large selection. I was thrilled at the number of books I picked up in the dollar section as well (which is usually home to outmoded computer texts and the type of tomes that theoretical physicists and olde english literature professors wouldn’t touch with ten foot poles.)