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The Book of Prophecy acts as an encyclopedia of the world. You must scan people, , , or items in order to get information about it, such as a person's aspirations and favorite presents, a monster's abilities, a tablet's recipe, and an item's effects. Scanning an object will also allow you to view the scanee's 'Mental Map', a grid with the properties of the object stored in it as code. This grid starts as a 3x3 square, but later, when the book levels up, will become a 3x4 grid, then after that a 4x4 grid.

The Book of Prophecy only appears when the world is ready to end. it is up to its keeper to put in its pages that which should create the new world. The pages contain not only recipes and characters, but questions to shape that new world such as the sky and its people.

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    I have written 22 books on prophecy and I remember the days when people would totally reject what I said and many still do! Yet, so much of what I have written has now come true before our eyes and we live in a totally different world than we did three decades ago!

    Our updated release of , this study of a primary End Times prophecy is vital for all who believe the Scriptures. One chapter, even tells unbelievers how to cope with the Tribulation Period! This basic book of prophecy analyzes the world situation in surprising terms. Hal Lindsey: “A must for everyone who wants to know where we are on God’s timetable.”