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Maryland the Seventh State: A History


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The web—and web browsers—evolve extremely quickly, but if there's one web browsing feature that's stood the test of time, it's browser bookmarks. Manage your bookmarks effectively and efficiently with one of these five bookmark management tools.

If the only bookmarking you're doing is simply bookmarking web sites in your default browser using the default bookmarking tool, it's only a matter of time before you either end up with an overwhelming and incomprehensible pile of bookmarks, you lose your bookmarks file through some unforeseen problem, or both. The following tools will help you organize your bookmarks and avoid losing them to the long digital goodnight.

See Mother's Day Bookmarks in the and Valentine Bookmarks in the

  • Import or export bookmarks
  • Click the Bookmarks button and select to open the Library window.

    Getting the word out about animal rights is as easy as “print and snip” with our new PETA Kids bookmarks. Use them to mark your place in books, give them to friends, or even leave them in library books for other people to find!

    Mozilla Weave is an add-on for Firefox focused on unifying your Firefox browsing experience across platforms and locations. Weave syncs your bookmarks, bookmark toolbar, smart location bar, tabs, browsing history, and passwords across all the instances of Firefox you use—your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and Firefox portable. In addition to syncing the files across all instances of Firefox, the settings are stored on Mozilla's servers so even if you crash your laptop and you're away from home you can quickly rebuild your bookmarks and browser settings from the Mozilla servers.