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Dogs are humanity’s greatest achievement. Ever since we began domesticating them some 15,000 years ago, they have been our providers, entertainers, rescuers, colleagues, counselors, and, most importantly, our best friends. It’s no surprise that a species that’s played such a vital role in our history has also inspired some incredible stories—like these 11 great books about dogs:

If you want to share your love of dogs with your children, you can start early by introducing your toddler to dogs through books, and your older kids to an in-depth guide to all things dog. Books can be really helpful to teaching your kids about dogs in preparation for adding one to your family. The following books about dogs are some of the best sellers for kids and are sure to help teach your child a love of dogs.

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    I have three great books to showcase for you today. All three feature great dogs. Even though I am a big-time cat lover I love all animals. Well, most of them:) So I have chosen three great books about dogs and the people who love them to help get you through those Dog Days of Summer:)

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