Used bookstores become more popular

They Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat


She keeps an inventory that is unique from chain bookstores.

cares about Nashville and local writers, and local readers care about Parnassus Books. It’s no surprise why: Celebrated writer Ann Patchett opened the shop with noted publisher Karen Hayes after the last indie bookshop in Nashville closed. We love the idea of writers using their cache to keep indie bookstores alive!

And as much as I love offsite events, most of our sales still come from bookstores, so I want to do everything I can to make them happy and keep them in business.

Amazon to open hundreds of bookstores

  • Provide a list:  I’ve also seen a number of cases (again, with indie bookstores) where they ask the author to provide a list of people coming. Sure, you could lie, but when you have a lousy turnout, not only are you unhappy, but so is the bookstore. “Who cares,” you think, but you NEVER want to piss off a bookstore because they are the ones who make book recommendations to their customers. If they like you, they’ll push your book.
  • The University of Arizona BookStores

    Book events are risky for bookstores because they have no idea how many people may show up. That means ordering the book (pay for shipping), doing an inventory for the books, advertising the upcoming signing (announcing in the paper and making posters), and setting them up, may be a huge bust if only five people show up to the signing.

    However, with so many more people writing and using the various publishing options, bookstores run a higher risk of doing all the labor for zero returns. The books may have been poorly written, or there was no pre-signing publicity on the author’s part – so the only folks who would bump into the signing were those who wandered into the bookstore that day.