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His Dark Materials: This trilogy follows the adventures of a girl beginning her teens as she discovers different worlds existing in different phases on the same timeline. This is one of the best fantasy books for teens.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:
This five series book brings alive Greek mythology like never before as Percy Jackson and his set of demigod friends attempt to save the world. This is one among the great fantasy books for teens.

Heroes Of Olympians: The Heroes Of Olympus is written by an American author Rick Riordan. It is a collection of five fantasy novels. It is also considered to be one among the great fantasy books for teens.

The Kane Chronicles:
This trilogy is undoubtedly among the best fantasy books for teens as the Kane siblings realise their heritage traces back to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and the fate of the world now rests in their hands.

Inkheart Trilogy:
This story follows a girl who is able to bring everything she reads into life. It plunges the reader into a world of mythical beings as she reads herself into a book and is among the great fantasy books for teens.

Septimus Heap: Set in an alternate matrilineal world full of castles, royalty and magic, it follows the adventures of the young wizard Septimus Heap, as he attempts to complete his magic studies. It is one among the best fantasy books for teens.

Today I wanted to talk about some good mystery books for teens that youngsters can enjoy. I got an email a few days ago with a request to list some young adult mystery books that this growing generation can also read. Now with summer almost here, once all exams are over and done with, mystery and crime books, which have nothing to do with study books mind you, will be all the rage among the young folk who do love reading rather than playing computer games all day long.

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Books For Teens 2015: It's All The Rage | Macmillan Library

has a listing of 243 Free Kindle eBooks For Teens. This is a mix of newer works and classics, though the vast majority appear to be newer works. They all appear to be free aloo of the time. All of the works I checked were available at Amazon, through the "Online Stores>Amazon" link on the description page for the ebook. They also were free through the Online Stores>Kobo link, but you had to filter Free Only once at Kobo.

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