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Some publishers are making textbooks available in an electronic format. You can purchase access to these electronic versions through the ELI Bookstore website or the publisher’s site. If you are considering purchasing an electronic version of a textbook rather than a hardback textbook, be aware of the following information:

While ebook sales soar, hardcopy book figures remain steady as online bookstore retailers sell over $57 BILLION worth of hardcopy books and print materials. Clearly, a good old-fashioned paperback or hardback will never go out of style. This attractive online bookstore website business offers something for everyone with the best prices for books online from top-notch retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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    First, last week we launched our upgraded U.S. Government Bookstore ecommerce site, . Our ecommerce website has gone through several iterations since its first version in 1999, each time adding functionality to keep up with the changing needs. Today, GPO has over 4,000 Federal print publications and more than 150 eBooks available through our online bookstore.