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Born of Fire (The League, Book 2)


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We are proud to announce that the upcoming Born Of Fire CD, "Dead Winter Sun" will be released as an Enhanced CD at on November 14, 2014. There will also be a Limited Edition Vinyl release that is scheduled for early 2015. We will keep you posted as to the actual release when we receive additional information. We will post "pre-order" information as we get it. We will also be launching our in the upcoming weeks. We will keep you posted.

Pure Steel recording artists Born of Fire have been invited to host a segment on Heavy Metal Television, set to air on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 9pm PST. Band manager and drummer Steve Dorssom has confirmed that the segments have already been recorded and are ready to go for their January appearance. “The band takes the opportunity to be the face of Heavy Metal Television for a brief moment in time as a great honor.” He told PulsePhoenix. Read more about it .

Discuss Born of Fire on our Movie forum!

  • Choose from 5 different classes. During games you can swap between classes for a small currency fee....
    Minigames are a way to practice and play without hopping into a death match....
    Expect your traditional team death match style fps games in Born to Fire. Be careful, characters are fragile in this game. It is e...
    Each class has special abilties. Some may have a shield while others can use a flame thrower....

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BORN OF FIRE (USA) have signed a worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS! The new album is expected to be released in the fall of 2014. More news coming soon.

Born Of Fire's "In The End" video was selected as one of 5 to be included in 2014 Comicon and will screen Sat June-7th at primetime. Thousands of people attend this event every year.