Bubble Gum Machine Makeover from Vintage Revivals

Medium Gumball Bank

Too low to display

Vintage 25 Cent Bubble Gum Machine

3. Place your round stickers inside your bubble gum machine. I had my daughter put 20 stickers inside her machine because we’ve been working on our numbers up to 20. I also had her practice writing the number 20 inside the gray circle. It turned out to be such a simple and fun craft.

I plan on sharing several booth ideas in the next few weeks. My first idea was inspired by where they placed thread inside a bubble gum machine. Now, I’m upcycling my old bubble gum machine into a button display!

Rita Hayworth in a tussel with a bubble gum machine in 1939.

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Original Bubble Gum Machine w/ Stand

Big Bubble Gum and Candy Machine - Our big bubble gum machine brings back nostalgic memories! This delightful machine can vend gumballs, bulk candy, and bouncy balls. This big bubble gum machine comes with both candy wheel and gumball wheels and can vend virtually anything.

So to see if your favorite team wins the prize, which entails no actual prize. Meanwhile, I’m heading to eBay or etsy or wherever to find the old-school bubble gum machine helmets from the 1970s that I’ve either lost or never had. Hopefully they’ll arrive in that transparent egg that was damn near impossible to break.