How to build a backyard stone firepit DIY

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Building a Stacked Stone Fire Pit - the DIY village

This is Part 1 of a series on building an outdoor stone fire pit.

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Do you have a spacious back yard and want to learn how to build a stone fire pit which looks good and you can relax around or even grill on? One option is to hire a contractor or mason, spend a whole bunch of money, and have a stone fire pit build you. Another option is to build a However, if you want to learn yourself how to build a stone fire pit then this is the place for you!

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit - Home Improvement Blog

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    A firepit is one of those things that can easily become a focal point of your garden. Even though this isn’t the simplest DIY project for a weekend it’s still not the hardest one. To build a stone firepit you’ll need bricks, sand, cement and stone. Of course you’ll also need some tools. Check out the full how to instructions on .

    Depending on how "fancy" you want your outdoor stone fire pit to look, you can build a stone fire pit in several ways. Honestly, to really do it right, it takes a quite a bit of planning, hard work and supplies. But if you are dedicated to it, your stone fire pit will turn out beautifully.