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The next few blogs in our “Building a Life Worth Living” series will focus on helping you to gain a deeper understanding of DBT skills. Today’s blog focuses on Core Mindfulness skills, a unique set of skills that can – and often do – play a critical role in the application of other sets of DBT skills.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 4 in our “Building a Life Worth Living” series, which will take a closer look at the DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness skills.

Bethe Ansatz | Building a Life Worth Living

Bethe Ansatz Building a Life Worth Living

A huge part of getting better for me is about building a life worth living. I used to be pretty much house bound. I would spend days on end inside my home and being outside in the fresh air was a novelty. I had no friends, no hobbies, there really was nothing to my life other than my illness and for that reason I had no motivation to be alive let alone commit to getting better. Having a mere existence was not a small chunk of my life, it was years and years of loneliness, isolation and nothingness. It was not something I ever envisaged changing but it did.

I can honestly say that this year I have lived more than I ever have before. I am still unwell but I am building a life worth living and it all happened on the day I appeared on BBC Breakfast and fell back in love with life again. That day I realised that I was more than an illness and that I do have talents. I began to participate in life more and grasp the opportunities I wanted rather than allowing my illness to make excuses and keep me locked away in my home.