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DK Guide to Public Speaking (2nd Edition)


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There is a small note enclosed by DK Decals that advises of a colour advice error applicable to three schemes (subjects 2, 3 & 4) as shown below:

With a new school year underway, and around the corner, DK Publishing wants to help with the celebratory preparations. Even more exciting, your school, bookstore, or library could win an appearance by a DK Publishing/Star Wars author!

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Hive Got Newzzz for Youzzz (Bees)

GET THIS: Playtonic's new Yooka-Laylee trailer's just been released (and by "just" I mean, "at least a day ago" but that's pretty good going by DK Vine news-reportage standards). GET IT WATCHED or I'll kick your teeth in. Not even messing.


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On February 15, 1996, DKnet ApS, including the .dk domain management, was sold by DKUUG to (now TDC) at the price of 20 million . Acknowledging the possible conflict of interest of a company (Tele Denmark) behind both a commercial ISP (DKnet A/S, now a stock company) and also in control of the .dk domain management (DK Hostmaster), a group of tele- and internet companies, 28 in all, including , Global One, , , assembled five days after the purchase in order to gain control of the DK Hostmaster function.