Taylor Swift Exposed By Kim Kardashian On Snapchat FULL



'Bette Davis Eyes' by Kim Car..

Kim Kardashian is beginning to roll out her selfie book, titled Selfish. Just yesterday, 500 copies of the limited-edition hard cover numbered and signed by Kim herself. Not long after, said limited edition books sold out and for nearly six times the original price.

As I read from the article the image above was originally from a book called “Jungle Fever’, in which Jean-Paul got the idea from the originally photograph the black woman on the right of these two images. Recreated by a Kim K.

Moby // Be the One // by Kim Albrecht

  • Schmuck BY KIM
  • Wempe Schmuck

Clarity by Kim Harrington - Scholastic Book Trailer

Online promotional video capturing a contest winner getting styled by Kim Kardashian for the red carpet re-launch of her website. Sponsored by Sony Ericsson. Shot & Edited.

This US$ 500,000 fireworks display of 10 minutes (video showing the best parts of 3:41 minutes) was funded by Kim Dotcom in celebration of Immigration New Zealand granting residency...