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Silicon Alley, centered in New York City, has evolved into a for the sphere encompassing the New York City metropolitan region's ; in 2015, Silicon Alley generated over US$7.3 billion in investment. industries including , , , , and other fields in are growing, bolstered by New York City's position at the terminus of several , its , as well as its growing outdoor . In December 2014, New York State announced a $50 million venture-capital fund to encourage enterprises working in biotechnology and ; according to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the would facilitate in bringing their research into the marketplace. On December 19, 2011, then Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced his choice of and to build a US$2 billion of on in Manhattan, with the goal of transforming New York City into the world's premier technology capital.

The into counties, cities, towns, and villages, all of which are with respect to their own governments, as well as various corporate entities that serve single purposes that are also local governments, such as school districts, fire districts, and , frequently known as or . Each municipal corporation is granted varying powers as provided by the New York Constitution. The state also has 10 .

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    Most of the southern part of the state rests on the , which extends from the to the ; the section in New York State is known as the . The region arises as a east of . The western section of the state is drained by the and rivers of the and systems. The Delaware River Basin Compact, signed in 1961 by New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, , and the federal government, regulates the utilization of water of the Delaware system. The highest elevation in New York is in the Adirondacks, at 5,344 feet (1,629 meters) ; while the state's lowest point is at sea level, on the .

    contains over 26,000 acres (10,521.83 ) in total, most of it surrounded by New York City, including the . In Brooklyn and Queens, the park contains over 9,000 acres (36 km2) of , , islands, and water, including most of . Also in Queens, the park includes a significant portion of the western , most notably and . In Staten Island, Gateway National Recreation Area includes , with historic pre-Civil War era and , and , with beaches, trails, and a .