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By way of personal experience, sometime in 2014 this reporter had arrived Union Station Washington DC from New York and picked a cab heading for Maryland preparatory for the coverage of the summit between Barack Obama and African leaders with Goodluck Jonathan in attendance. Along the way shortly before connecting the Interstate 495 (Capital Beltway) from Potomac, a police patrol car waved at the driver to park which he did. The officer accosted the African-American driver of Senegalese descent and asked if he had his papers correct. He answered in the affirmative with a Yes Sir his hands on the steering. Everything else was a yes sir, yes sir. The police officer said “okay. I saw a tag behind you and I wanted to be sure who the owner of this car is. You can Proceed, the police officer, ordered. “Yes Sir, thank you sir”
The driver later explained the only reason he was halted was because of his colour and this criminalization of the African-American.

Such rhetoric is not new: It has grown since 2013, prompted by Washington’s criticism of Erdoğan’s heavy-handed crackdown on Gezi Park protests that year. Later came disputes over the Syrian war, with the US critical of what it saw as Turkish encouragement of Islamic jihadist fighters. More recently, US military support to Syrian Kurds, whom Turkey considers terrorists, attracted Turkey’s ire in the fight against the self-declared Islamic State.

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  • Washington State Databases – Annotated list of searchable databases produced by Washington state agencies and compiled by the Government Documents Roundtable of the American Library Association.
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    Wolf attacks on livestock in northeastern Washington state has prompted the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to for the second time this year. According to the Associated Press, Deaths of cattle resulting from wolf attacks have been confirmed by Washington’s Fish and Wildlife department that undertook the investigation since mid-July.

    Around the St. Anthony Police Department within the neighbourhood Philando Castile was shot, the police department showed figures or citations on its traffic stops just about the same rate as other close suburbs but with 47 percent of African Americans receiving more of the arrests and this has been the trend since 2011. The US Justice Department observed that in Ferguson the focus was more on raising revenue than keeping public safety
    By way of response St. Anthony City Manager Mark Casey lamented: “We do share concerns about the information and what it represents. Racial inequality, in terms of arrests, citations and incarceration, is a complex yet urgent challenge for all of us.”