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John Sayles: "Watching a Cassavetes movie was never a safe place to be; it always threatened to come and get you. In A Woman Under The Influence, Gena Rowlands made audiences queasy with embarrassment for her mad housewife, a mass of moviegoers breaking out into symptomatic flop sweat as she began to unravel in public. If the traditional Hollywood hero is 'the man who knows,' Cassavetes' heroes were the men and women who doubted".

All Nick Cassavetes director credits are included. This list of every movie that Nick Cassavetes has directed can be sorted for specific information such as what genre the Nick Cassavetes movie is and which actors starred in the Nick Cassavetes film.

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"I originally got this book (Films of John Cassavetes) and read the whole thing, before i had seen any of cassavetes movies. This is not a recommended route. I have now seen all of his films, except for Husbands, and i can't tell you how amazing i think the importance of this book is. I wonder what the ratio is between the people who disagree and agree with it's context, in respect to it's attitude towards American cinema. the book really does rewire your brain. The people who i am friends with, who are also interested in film are dumb founded when ever i casually undermine 2001 or Citizen Kane in a conversation. More importantly though, this book, like Cassavetes films, extends into life and actually opens you up to knew spiritual territory you didn't think about.

One last point: Does any one notice how suprisingly objective Carney is when he mentions his most hated film makers like Spielberg ?

Get this book. It may feel too intellectual, but it really isn't. If you think that then you are reading it too quickly and not thinking about what it's actually saying."

—beautiful_midnight400 from Sydney, New South Wales Australia

The film starred Sean Penn, as John Cassavetes had wanted.

From Nick Cassavetes's studio films to Nick Cassavetes's , this Nick Cassavetes filmography keeps tabs on all Nick Cassavetes movies, and lets the cream of the crop rise to the top.

Not that a crisp and ultra-clear picture are necessary to enjoy a Cassavetes movie. Many of his earlier films were shot on 16mm film, leaving the black-and-white images deliberately grainy. Cassavetes was interested in conversation, casual mockery, songs, and jokes. He believed in an acting style that was more reliant on instinct and emotion, and less reliant on writing and “beats.” Many of his films are almost entirely improvised. They're almost all about failing relationships. These are raw and ragged films about the tears, casual betrayals, and emotional bombs we drop on the ones we love. They're also some of the best, and toughest, American movies.