Catalog of copyright entries. New series. Part 3, Musi cal compositions.

Catalog of copyright entries. New series. Part 1. Group 1, Books

Catalogue of Copyright Entries, Vol. 8 (Classic Reprint)


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Bli först att boken Catalogue of Copyright Entries Volume 7, No. 1; Pamphlets, Leaflets, Contributions to Newspapers or Periodicals, Etc. Lectures, Sermons, Addresses for Oral Delivery Dramatic Compositions Maps Motion.

Searching Google's Scans of the Catalog of Copyright Entries

  • The Copyright Office now has Catalog of Copyright Entries and Catalogue of Title Entries volumes posted at the Internet Archive. Coverage: As of April 2013, all volumes of the run from 1891-1978 are included. Our lookup pages by year have alternate sources in the small number of cases where a volume that has in-force copyrights is missing from the Copyright Office scans.
  • Google Books's Search of Scans of the Catalog of Copyright Entries offers full-text search, and links to individual volumes, of 91 volumes of copyright registrations from 1922 to 1977. Coverage: Original and renewal registrations for books, pamphlets, and contributions to periodicals, 1922-1977 (except for 1952, when only book registrations and renewals are available).
  • Stanford's Copyright Renewal Database offers a quick search of book renewals. Coverage: Book renewals made between 1950 and 1992 (which renew books registered for copyright 1923-1963). Note that this does not include non-book renewals, or original registrations. This is based in part on an earlier database constructed by Michael Lesk and Distributed Proofreaders, and on a large file of renewal record transcriptions from Project Gutenberg
  • Philip Harper's site also had a list of copyright renewal transcriptions, sorted by year of original registrations. It's also identified some books that do not have renewed copyrights. Coverage: Limited; mostly 1950s renewals for books originally registered 1923-1928. The lists of selected books that are probably in the US public domain goes out further; but copyright status of all such books should be verified.
  • A list of first copyright renewals for periodicals is also available at this site. Coverage: Periodicals renewed from 1950 onward (for issues from 1923 onward); only the first renewal of each periodical is shown. Periodicals that first filed a renewal after 1977, or that did not renew copyrights, might not be included. I gave a talk on this resource at DLF in Spring 2006. (See Powerpoint slides or web conversion -- some images might not show up in the latter.)
  • The Copyright Office database is the definitive record of recent registrations. Coverage: All registrations (including renewals) from 1978 onward (except for a few 1978 registrations that did not make it into the database.)

Catalog Record: Catalogue of copyright entries

An alternate finding aid is the published Catalog of Copyright Entries. These were periodic compilations of registration records in catalog card format distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program.

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