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At a time when the media at large seem hell bent on reporting every doom and gloom story around, it would appear that reports of the supposed death of celebrity magazines following a circulation down turn are both premature and unfounded.

Does the continued decrease in the circulation of celebrity magazines signal an end to the nation’s infatuation with fame? Unfortunately for those who are not obsessed with WAGS, waste and the latest designer nonsense, the answer is, no. However, what i

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I have to admit to a fascination with celebrity gossip magazines. Not all the A-list Hollywood-style gossip, though. I love the British fascination with the damaged nobodies who debase themselves on "reality" TV shows. I don't read the magazines, but I do love to scan the headlines on the newsagent's shelves each week to see the extent to which people will humiliate themselves for their five-minutes of "fame".

Inevitably there are circulation winners and losers in the highly competitive celebrity magazine sector. The most noticeable of the losers is Heat (the upmarket one!) which has recorded a decline of 11 percent and in the sector as a whole, the latest data available shows fewer copies are being sold across the board.