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Prof. Bevan, in a recent lecture at the Gresham College, showed how the Celtic gods were Romanized. Ogmius became Mercury; Grannos, Apollo; Caturix or Camulos, Mars; Bridgit, Minerva; Esas, Jupiter. He thought the Irish religion was partly of aboriginal forms of belief, and partly Druidic. He considered the transition from Druidism to Christianity a very gradual one. Lud or Llud,

Other ancient cultures (of the same period) viewed the Celtic Druids as only slightly less barbaric than the Celts warrior class, though this is less to do with head-hunting and more to do with their various Gods. Celtic Gods numbered into double figures and ranged from wood nymphs to Gods of the Skies, Earth, Upper, Middle and Lower realms. Further, their Gods differed slightly again, depending on whether the Celtic clans were Gaulish, Welsh or Irish.

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    What a lovely long list! Thanks for that. I find Welsh sources – both the very old stuff (Taliesin), the Triads and folklore very useful for finding out what the old Celtic gods were really about, before they were converted into leprechauns-and-heaven-knows-what by subsequent centuries. Lugus/Lugh/Lleu is fascinating when you reverse-out all that detail.

    When the Romans write about Celtic beliefs, there is great confusion. For example, when they looked for the equivalent god of War, Mars, among the Celtic gods, they found 69 or more. It seems that many gods had responsibility for war in Celtic beliefs, depending on the circumstances.