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If your teething baby eats solid foods, try giving her a chilled and peeled fruit or vegetable that is safe to gnaw on without choking, such as a large, whole, firm carrot or cucumber. Chilled teething biscuits can also help, depending on your baby's comfort and safety level with harder, solid foods. If you give your baby chilled solids, watch her while she chews; chunks of food broken off by gnawing may put your child at risk of choking if she's not under careful supervision.

Chill the teething ring or washcloth in the refrigerator for a short time, making sure it's cool—not cold like an ice cube. If the object is too cold, it can hurt the gums and your child. The coolness soothes the gums by dulling the nerves, which transmit pain.

fun shaped Chill and Teethe teethers by Bright Starts

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    Regardless of the type of food you give your baby to help her through the teething process, keeping the food chilly helps ease gum pain. Before you give your baby something to eat or chew on, chill it until it is cool to the touch. Avoid freezing teething aids, however, as extreme cold can harm your little one's gums -- chill teething aids of both the edible and inedible sort in the refrigerator instead.

    - water-filled teether has multiple textures inside and out to stimulate gums
    - Chill teether in refrigerator for cooling sensation for teething baby
    - When baby bites on water-filled section, teether vibrates which stimulates gums and teaches cause-and-effect – Bold colored center disk offers additional textures for teething
    - “Floating beads” encourage eye-tracking skills and build eye muscles
    - Filled with sterilized water