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The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music

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Autumn in music : Classical music for autumn

aw i was like this, faking liking classical music for the recognition…and then i realized i actually liked it a lot…i don’t really listen to much else now, even though i’m no expert

John Williams will never be respectable. Although his name will be the first thing some people think of when asked to name a favorite composer, this is only because he composed for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Pops concerts are not real classical music concerts. Proof can be found by asking any musician on stage–we all loath them. Anyone who attends them is automatically in the “classical music for people who hate classical music” category. Boo, John Williams.

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Why view classical music performances as a peril? Instead of wrecking people we meet by exposing their lack of knowledge, we have a fine opportunity to build them up by professing our own ignorance. Let’s ask them what they think. They will be pleased to tell us, and will believe us most excellent companions. Yes, we are manipulating them by using their whiteness, but poor, brittle things that they are, they need our help.

funny story: my spanish teacher (muy blanca) plays classical music for us on her radio thing while we take tests because “classical music stimulates brain waves.” it’s the same lol-i’m-into-classical-music-look-at-me-i’m-so-cultured stuff each time.