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Beginning numbers and colors worksheets for kids to count items with the same color and then draw lines to match color and the number of objects with that color.

Synesthesia is found in 4.4% of the population, as a lower estimate, which is equivalent to 1 in 23 people. This figure was arrived at in the first large-scale random-screening study by Julia Simner and colleagues. This study had also concluded that one common form of synesthesia—grapheme-color synesthesia (colored letters and numbers) – is found in more than one percent of the population, and this latter prevalence of graphemes-color synesthesia has now been independently verified in a yet larger sample. Earlier estimates of the prevalence of synesthesia were based on "best-guess" estimations only ( 1 in 250,000) or had limitations in their methodologies because they required synesthetes to refer themselves for study ( 1 in 2000) and for this reason the authors of those studies had been moderate in their claims. One problem with self-referral is that numbers are lowered by the effort involved in the act of self-referral. Also, some individuals will not self-classify as synesthetes because they do not realize that their perceptions are different from those of everyone else.

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    Kids can learn color and number recognition with this fun Rocket Color-by-Number printable page. Coloring also helps children develop their fine motor skills, so encourage this fun Activity.

    Saito writes that, when asked, people tend to explain their favorite colors and numbers as "pleasant," "beautiful," and "bright." Often they have some specific cultural significance; men say they choose "one" because they like being number one; Japanese Shinto priests wear white robes associated with purity.