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From roast battles to comedy competitions we feature a variety of special events and shows

The Switch (2010)

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The Comedy Comedy Festival

Not Since You

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Bix was a finalist in The Comedy Showdown, a national competition for comedians in Atlantic City, NJ.

Country Remedy

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The Comedy Comedy Festival is a comedy festival based in Los Angeles, California

Everything Must Go

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This kind of comedy is great not only for the audience, but also for the community of comedians in Philadelphia. Communities that are normally splintered in other cities are brought together in single shows. As opposed to other cities where, for the most part, standup is separate from sketch, which is separate from improv, Good Good has created a bridge wherein all these different types of comedians might be featured on the same show. Standup comedian Rachel Fogletto says that with Good Good Comedy’s presence in the city, “there is a support existing that there never was before.” In addition to producing two shows, Fogletto is regularly booked on monthly shows, many of which are produced by Good Good. “Kate and Aaron have done a tremendous job of making the comedy presence known to populations who otherwise would not have been aware.”

In 2002 The Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club/Theater opened its doors. We are now the , and have hosted some of the biggest names in comedy. The Scottsdale Comedy Spot has garnered the coveted for several years running. It is an intimate venue without a bad seat in the house. It is similar to the traditional comedy venues found in L.A., New York and Chicago, but right here in the valley! This truly is one of Arizona’s best kept secrets!

Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour

The home of .comEDY the DMV's only source for weekly open mic shows

Because no complete Middle Comic plays have been preserved, it is impossible to offer any real assessment of their literary value or "genius". But many Middle Comic plays appear to have been revived in and in this period, suggesting that they had considerable widespread literary and social influence.

Park agreed, citing Comedy Comedy as a step toward a future with “more Asian American leads in TV shows and films, more Asian American writers and directors doing things on a grand scale, more Internet content creators taking it to that next level,” he said by email.