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Today, Saturday, May 1 (5/1) you can get a at your local store carrying comic books. Stores nationwide give away free comics on the first Saturday in May each year and this Saturday is it! Go HERE to find a store near you.

When you mention Comic-Con to most people they think of the big yearly event in San Diego overflowing with , , and predictable . The actual comic books—you know, the namesake of the event—have taken a back seat to the spectacle. But the reality is that there are thousands of comic conventions around the world, and they aren't anything like the .

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The comic book resurgence has made my heart smile so much the last few years. I decided to start my collection again, at the age of 29, because I’m an adult and my bills are all paid on time. While DC continues to let us down in theaters, Marvel has built an empire. Marvel is almost like Bad Boy in the 90’s where it’s damn near untouchable. I got sidetracked and nerdy when I saw the title because Zavey doesn’t even rhyme about comic books or characters on his new B.C. produced track.

A 2002 Howell High School graduate, Hearn collected and sold comic books and other merchandise online and at conventions for a while before choosing Howell over Milford, South Lyon, Clarkston and other nearby cities.