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Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race


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A measure of the partisan antipathy towards Hillary Clinton is the fact that a bombastic anti-Hillary book – by disaffected Bill Clinton political Svengali Dick Morris – is selling like the second printing of a Harry Potter novel. The book Condi vs Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race offers reliable (if not intimate) insights into the political machinations of (and gossip about) Hillary and her Machiavellian prince of a husband Bill Clinton.

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Compare and contrast Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton respective qualities and abilities to perform the job of US Secretary of State.

Then ask yourself if it might have been better for America if Obama had asked Condi to stay on?

Hillary - "Shame on you Barack Obama"
Bill - "This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen"
Good Morning America - "This morning, Madame Secretary, new reports say the deal is close to done."

Compilation of Condi VS Hillary moments from previous Condi videos.

Condi VS Hillary - First Blood (Political scrap over who did most to oppose Al Qaeda, who took threats more seriously - Bush or Clinton?)

America Without Condi - lamenting a lonesome 2009.

Condi stands by Uncle Sam (unlike Hillary who stands by her dick-head cheating husband Bill Clinton)

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Many believe that the White House is Hillary Clinton's to lose

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Still, what a wonder race Condi vs Hillary would be. I agree with Morris' premise to this extent--Condi would almost certainly beat Hillary. An African-American, Conservative woman who has risen on her own talent becoming President would just be too potent an idea to resist. But a man with political experience on the bottom part of the ticket--say George Allen or Mitt Romney--and Condi would win by a landslide, changing the face of American politics forever and extending the Democrats' stay in the wilderness for many more years.