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But unknown to our two heroes, evil is brewing, for "Lord Gideon" played by Conrad Brooks, is intent on finding and killing our two heroes. "Gideon", who operates off of a park bench about 6' from the Everglades, dresses like a deranged nun who has a Sprite and Twinkies jones. He has his henchmen kidnap "Katherine", and in order to free her, "Jake" must battle two of "Gideon's" most formidable henchmen,

Conrad Brooks is founder and owner of Conrad Brooks Productions, which has produced the Gypsy Vampire series, starring Bruce "Porkchop" Lindsay as Count Lugo.

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Brooks, known for his cameos in the Edward D. Wood's productions of the 1950's low-budget movies "Plan Nine from Outer Space", and "Glen or Glenda" also appeared in the more recent 1994 Tim Burton tribute to the man from Plan Nine, "Ed Wood". Brooks has also appeared in lesser known locally produced videos such as "Conrad Brooks Meets the Werewolf", produced by David "the Rock" Nelson, "Grand Parents from Outer Space", the surf music inspired "Saturn Avenger", "The Ironbound Vampire", and of course "Jen-Gal".

We fast-forward two years from "Jen-Gal" to "Jen-Gal 2: The Beast Returns". This 2001 production was written, produced, and directed by Conrad Brooks. It features Brooks in his recurring role as a West Virginia detective in search of the cave beast "Jen-Gal". Brooks was put on six months probation by his commanding officer because no body of the "Jen-Gal" could be produced. Turns out that the reason why is that the beast is alive and well and working on his tan in none other than Tam-pah, Florida! It also turns out that "Jen-Gal" is being used as a look out for a local gypsy "Mitzi" (played by Mitzi Reid) and her two sons to rob banks and video stores in the Tampa area.