Christmas: The Best of Contemporary Christian Music

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And both of your examples had their basis in love and grace. Two of the most common themes of contemporary Christian music.

How Great Is Our God

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He Knows My Name

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Shout It Out Vol. 2

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I apply the same standards to Contemporary Christian Music as I do to anything else I listen to: What does it tell me about God? I see nothing wrong with asking if a CCM song holds water as far as scriptural fidelity. Not only that, I like to examine the sound, feel, and message of all music I listen to (as well as movies/shows I watch). With these thoughts in mind, I want to tell you why I have a hard time being a very big fan of CCM.

I have found some of the greatest joy in listening to Contemporary Christian music. It is so uplifting and such a dramatic contrast to flipping on any other mainstream station where it seems within just a few songs you (and your kids) must listen to songs about sex, using curse words and worse. See my tips on if you’re ready for a change!

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    Died: Billy Ray Hearn, CCM Pioneer Who Discovered Amy Grant, Keith Green, and Steven Curtis Chapman
    Michael Card, Twila Paris, and other stars of contemporary Christian music pay tribute to Sparrow Records founder.
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    This is the first of two David Dunn songs in the top 100 of 2014 for Contemporary Christian music. “Today Is Beautiful” has a very modern sound, much similar to a lot of mainstream music out there today, that is very difficult to not like.

    Over the past few decades contemporary Christian music has risen to become the most popular form of music played in church services and has become a multi-billion dollar global industry. There are dozens of different genres of contemporary Christian music ranging from hip hop through to reggae. In this guide we shall look at some of the most popular Christian artists and bands today.