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When course completion is enabled in a course (see above), a menu item labeled "Completion" will appear in the course Administration block on the main course page. When a user clicks on the "Completion" link, the course completion admin page will display the criteria described below and in the mockup also below:

We need to define overall aggregation methods for the criteria type. We also need to a consistent set of aggregation methods for criteria types which have more than one possible option to determine an individual user's course completion:

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  • Rename the setting "Completion tracking" to "Activity completion tracking" (the setting will continue to make activity completion features available in the courses)
  • Create a new setting named "Course completion tracking" (the setting will make course completion features available in the course)

VMWare Course Complete Certificate

provides a fieldset (named "Student progress") which contains a setting (named "Completion tracking") which enables/disables activity completion in a course. We need to rename the setting to describe activity completion and add a setting to enable course completion.

When the first student has completed the course, the course completion criteria settings will be locked. The course settings can be unlocked (via an "Unlock course completion options" button), however a warning message will be displayed stating that unlocking the settings requires deleting all prior course completion data for the course. Once the completion data is deleted, the settings become unlocked (i.e., un-greyed out).