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Pat Rice says: Whenever anyone asks what craft-of-writing books I recommend, I trudge out and .
They both have valuable insights, although I can’t use their methods because my brain doesn’t work that way. But knowing what makes a strong character and plot is certainly helpful—and I think that’s key to making craft books work for us.

The fine folks at STC Craft were kind enough to let me check out a couple of their newest paper craft books: Modern Paper Crafts and The Repurposed Library. They also shared a pdf project from each book with us, that you guys are welcome to snag and use to your hearts' content!

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Nicola : I have a shelf full of craft books, which I referred to a lot when I was teaching creative writing. These days I don’t read them much because I find that sometimes if I analyse too deeply what I’m trying to achieve I can lose the creative spark. I write so much by instinct and don’t plan a lot but sometimes going back to the nuts and bolts can really help. For example, I heard a podcast from and found that very useful when I started writing House of Shadows. All writers are different and we all need to find out what works for us.