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I don’t believe the timing of Nick Pope’s article and the MoD records release are coincidence. I can think of
only two explanations for the incomplete and wrong information in both. Perhaps high level inter-
governmental sharing of information on the subject has been on a need-to-know basis and not only the public
but Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Nick Pope were being misled. Or perhaps the government is trying
to rewrite history and downplay their interest and involvement in the subjects of crop circles and UFOs using
Nick Pope to open the door to this approach. I wrote to Nick on September 15, 2006 disputing his version of

The link between crop circles and UFOs is a fascinating one – and one which I hope to explore in future posts. Whatever you may believe, I feel that is important to document these experiences and keep an open mind. For instance, there have been many reports of ‘balls of light’ in and around crop circles. Some have even been filmed or photographed. While many can be explained away as dust, water droplets or reflected insects, others cannot be easily identified. And then there are the photos in a few Canadian formations for which I have no explanation! Here are a few from the archives of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN):

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