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Crystals and minerals are the children of Mother Earth and have been around since ancient times. Crystals take millions of years to form and each crystal has its own vibration and healing properties. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in their glorious colours which has fascinated and impressed human beings. Crystals are very powerful stones to work with either in healing, meditations, jewellery or just having them in your home or work place as each crystal has it own properties and uses. Very useful when doing chakra work as specific crystals and colours work with the chakra system.

Solid-state NMR is capable of providing detailed structural information about organic and pharmaceutical co-crystals and complexes. ssNMR non-destructively analyzes small amounts of powdered material and generally yields data with higher information content than vibrational spectroscopy and powder X-ray diffraction methods. Particularly, its ability to prove or disprove molecular association and possibility to observe structural features (such as hydrogen bonding) are great advantages of this method. These advantages can be utilized in the analysis of pharmaceutical co-crystals, which are often initially produced using solvent drop grinding techniques that do not lend themselves to single-crystal growth for X-ray diffraction studies ().

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    All options are exercisable over a period of five years at a price of Crystalline forms can be generated by means of kinetically or thermodynamically controlled crystallization processes. Synthesis/processing of co-crystals can be accomplished via a number of methods, including slow solvent evaporation crystallization from solution, solvent-reduced (e.g. slurrying, solvent-drop grinding) and solvent-free (e.g. grinding, melt), high throughput crystallization and co-sublimation techniques (; ; ; a; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ). Typically co-crystals are prepared by slow solvent evaporation that is only viable if compatible solubility in a given solvent exists between the components comprising the potential co-crystal. The potential benefits, disadvantages and methods of preparation of co-crystals were reported (). Solvent drop grinding has been reported to be a cost-effective, green, and reliable method for discovery of new co-crystals as well as for preparation of existing co-crystals. A slurry crystallization technique was used in co-crystal screening of two non-ionizable pharmaceutical host compounds, stanolone and mestanolone, with 11 pharmaceutically acceptable guest acids, and the results demonstrated the importance not only of hydrogen bonding but also of geometric fit in co-crystal formation (). In addition to these classical techniques of co-crystal synthesis, also more sophisticated methods can be mentioned such as electrochemical crystallization, gel crystallization, vapour-diffusion crystallization, cryogenic grinding (cryomilling), microporous membranes crystallization, supercritical fluids crystallization and sonocrystallization (; ; ; ; ; ; ). The combinations and variations of the above techniques may be used to cause co-crystal formation (McMahon et al., 2007). It is evident that many of the reported co-crystals appear to be the result of serendipity, although several groups have successfully exploited crystal engineering principles for design and synthesis of co-crystals..45 per common share. The director's options vest in four equal quarterly installments commencing January 1, 2016. The options to employees and consultants of Crystal Peak and the Company's subsidiary shall vest in three equal annual installments on the first, second, and third anniversaries of the Option grant.