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It’s difficult to keep up with the events in our world. In an age of 24-hour news channels, live webcasts from around the globe, millions of daily tweets, and a multitude of documentaries on Netflix, making sense of it all can appear to be a daunting task. Here is a list of ten current affair books that can place much of what we see, read, and hear daily into context.

Author Dylan Davis Visits the Current Affairs Bookstore and becomes the object of desire of its owner, Quentin Sharp. Dylan picks a copy of “Maurice” and daydreams of the hot sex that Scutter and Maurice enjoy. Then he is invited to a book reading where their imaginations run wild and they envision all the participants in a lustful orgy. A customer finds a male nude art book and puts himself right in the action with the hot young model and hung photographer. Quentin reads Dylan’s book and envisions the steamy yet tender sexual escapades in the book. Finally, Quentin and Dylan give in to their passions and go at it right in the book store..

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