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No Quarter (Bounty Book 1)

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Mike speaks to Mike d'Abo from Manfred Mann about his early days and influences.

Seven Girlfriends

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Olivia dAbo

No Remedy (Bounty Book 2)

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No Master (Bounty Book 3)

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Edelman DABO Experiential is the newly launched brand dedicated to creating brand engagement from what was DABO & CO’s existing event management division.

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    Edelman DABO was recently formed following the acquisition of leading Dubai-based independent agency DABO & CO, by Edelman, the world’s leading global communications marketing firm. The new co-branded entity has a roster of more than 50 clients in the Middle East, and combines award-winning consumer public relations and digital capabilities from both DABO and Edelman.

    D’Abo: Amanda had a vulnerability I related to because she was an orphan and in the episode was clearly at a stage in her life where she had some pretty important choices to make about her future. She had a strength and a wisdom about her. She was searching for the truth and searching for her own sense of truth. Though she was impressionable at times, it was inevitable to me through playing her that through her own self discovery she'd know which choices to make and what path to take.