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Why is Bishop Dag Heward Mills forcing the young people in his church to get married early so they can have sex?

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Loyalty and Disloyalty


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I want to believe Dag Heward Mills’ call for is based on the idea that young people “are not delaying sex, getting married and enjoying sex. They're doing just the opposite. They're having sex and delaying marriage.” This is a quote from Ted Cunningham, author of Young and in Love: Challenging the Unnecessary Delay of Marriage, a book which seeks to enforce the same idea of early marriage to prevent fornication.

Pulse Online Editor, Sena Quashie writes about how Dag Heward Mills is pushing young people into early marriage just because of the need to fulfill a sexual desire is already preposterous without throwing the whole idea of being a better Christian into the mix.

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    I am particularly concerned about Dag Heward Mill's rather well-packaged and marketed Mandatory Marriage which has decided to use this a fight against fornication to promote its position. The evangelist is essentially trying to say here that sexual desires were created to drive people to marriage, and hence, the solution to the problem is to get people married at the peak of their sex drive, at around the age of 21 or 22.

    Apostolic Pentecostal Hymnal ... National Hispanic Christian. Leadership Conference, USA. Dr Dag Heward-Mills. Bishop, ... This PDF book contain dag hewards mills.