David and Kelly - Movie Fanatic

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David Archuleta and Kelly Clarkson - I Surrender

Leave the kids at home and come enjoy a carefree afternoon at Piedmont Park! (This is Kelly’s brother David and Kelly on the first day of school, 1992.)

Only last week David and Kelly were seen looking happy as ever, kissing and hugging as they enjoyed a holiday in Greece. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they frolicked in the sea. And on Wednesday, the former Gladiator star had tweeted how much he was missing Kelly.

David and Kelly's Wedding 31 Dec 2013

David and Kelly's First Christmas

As the NBC Broadcast of the semi-final game of the USA vs Czech mentioned, David and Kelly have taken up the fight for the stray dogs in Sochi. As has been reported over and over, many of the homeless have been put down in preparations for the international Olympic event. David and Kelly Backes have teamed up with other athletes competing in Sochi and their families to help save as many animals as possible. The Backes have spearheaded a campaign to have strays rounded up, checked out, treated and sent overseas to be adopted in other countries, rather than find the fate so many have already met. As Doc Emrick pointed out during the broadcast, it’s yeoman’s work, and the true definition of selflessness.

The Mirror has today reported that both David and Kelly held “crisis meetings” in L.A. recently, and the pair have decided to give their relationship (word to be used loosely) another go. So much so, David wants to get married by Christmas.