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David Benaym

Travis Wall as featured in Movmnt Magazine Issue 8 – Photo concept by Travis Wall. As a contributing artist with Movmnt, Travis posed himself as “The whole package” and interviewed fellow choreographer Wade Robson for our cover story.

Stylist Derek Warburton, ABT performers Jacki Reyes, Marcelo Gomez, Misty Copeland, Mary Mills and Movmnt Publisher David Benaym after Shooting with Matfhew Murphy for the Spring 09 fashion editorial. Photo by Matthew Murphy for Movmnt Magazine

David Benaym, New York, New York

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David Benaym

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July 29-August 5, 2006: Members of the NYCGHA traveled to Montreal to participate in the 1st World Outgames. Johannes Wallmann captained the Wizards, which included Jeff Adams, Kevin Battistelli, David Benaym, Brian Harrington, Tom Jarvis, Jeff Kagan, Robb Riedel, Ray Stankes, Jason Swanson, Jeff Tuballes and John Viloria. The Wizards were eliminated in the Recreational Division quarterfinals. Keith Champagne lead the Phantoms, which also included Kim Hulber and Ari Warshawsky as well as other players whom Keith recruited from around the world. The Phantoms were eliminated in the third round. Chris Brand, Charlie Mulkeen, and Dave Simpson joined the T Wrecks team, playing in the Open Division, and brought home a bronze medal.

June 21, 2006: NYCGHA members Jeff Adams, David Benaym, and Ray Stankes are featured in an article in the Village Voice about New York City athletes who are going to the 1st World OutGames and Gay Games VII.