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King David was the second King of Israel, David was chosen by God to rule over his people Israel, he ruled around 40 years, from c 1010 to 970 BCE. David was born around the year 1040 B.C. in Bethleham which was located in Judea. (1 Samuel 16:8; (1 Chronicles 2:13) He was the youngest of eight sons of Jesse the Ephrathite, who was a sheep breeder and farmer by trade, Jesse was from the tribe of Judah. According to the bible he was the great grandson of Boaz and Ruth the Moabite. (Ruth 4:17) David had been credited with writing a great deal of the Psalms and also organizing the Psalms into the three groups (see Introduction to the Psalms)which still can be found in the same order. David also organized the Levite musicians and singers who played and sang before the Lord at the temple.

David was chosen by God to lead Israel. David was not chosen because he was perfect, but because he always bowed down before God, especially after his failures. Many people believe that his biggest battle was with Goliath, but his biggest battle was with Saul. Even though Saul hunted him for 15 years David waited on the Lord's timing to become King. The worship team shares "While I'm Waiting" as part of the message. A song written with David in mind.

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