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Desert Roses, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Variegated desert roses have foliage edged or streaked in cream, white, or yellow, making them just as interesting even when they're not in bloom.

Bonne Idée: White Chocolate Desert Roses: Use 3/4 stick (6 tablespoons; 85 grams) butter and 12 ounces best-quality white chocolate.

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    The Desert Rose is a favorite among botanist but in bonsai form it is an uncommon delight. Adenium are actually fast growing and easy to grow when given the right conditions and the proper care. Native to East Africa and relative of the Plumeria, the Desert Rose is a small succulent tree that grows only about 8 inches tall in the wild, has fleshy leaves and forms a very bulbous base. It produces exotic 2" pink and white, open-trumpet shaped flowers throughout the year in full sun. Desert Roses readily adapt to container culture, making them well suited for interesting and untraditional bonsai specimens. The Desert Rose will defoliate during the winter time in all but the most tropical climates.

    Desert Roses do not like excessive moisture, and they are prone to rotting if over-watered. In Bangkok, I usually have them watered thoroughly once every 2-3 days. Amazingly, Desert Roses are surprisingly well-adapted to Thailand’s spells of brief, heavy downpours during the May-October rainy monsoon season.