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Diana Tumminia, New York, NY Social Worker - General

Diana Tumminia hired a private investigator, who said he interviewed 20 to 30 witnesses. None of them said they saw Tumminia strike either officer with the or raise the weapon above his head, said Michael Newman, the investigator.

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  • Diana Tumminia, Many Hands Project. 2016, Mixed Media
    Still We Rise: Women's Wisdom Art's 25th Anniversary
    Student and Community Exhibition
    September 09, 2016 — December 04, 2016
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    Diana Tumminia is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in New York City, she has a Master’s degree from Hunter College School of Social Work. Diana has over 10 years of experience providing outpatient psychotherapy services to individuals and families, working with adults and children with developmental disabilities, providing re-settlement services to new immigrants, and counseling college students. She is also a member of Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology, Golden Key National Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa National Scholastic Society, and National Association of Social Workers. In addition to providing private counseling and case management services, Diana works in a large urban hospital offering mental health interventions to patients diagnosed with various psychiatric and physical illnesses. Her specialties include depression and anxiety, stress, coping with acute or chronic illness, oncology, palliative care and bereavement, relationships, parenting skills, aging, personal growth, women’s issues, and spirituality. She has also given numerous presentations and workshops related to psycho-social stressors of physical illness and education about cancer and palliative care to both patients and staff. In addition to clinical license, Diana has a unique certification in the newest and most comprehensive psychological tool for insight based counseling, MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument). MARI is based on Jungian psychology of the unconscious and his personal use of the mandala. It allows for rapid insights and transformations aimed to bring clients into “wholeness”.

    "In my opinion," Diana Tumminia said at a press conference Thursday, "those officers took away every civil right he had: the right to remain silent, the right to legal counsel when being questioned, the right not to be tortured and beaten, and most of all the right to live."