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Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles


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More than thirty years after The Beatles split up, the music of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison lives on. What exactly were the magical ingredients of those legendary songs? why are they still so influential for today's bands? This groundbreaking book sets out to exlore The Beatles' songwriting techniques in a clear and readable style. It is aimed not only at musicians but anyone who has ever enjoyed the work of one of the most productive and successful songwriting partnerships of the 20th century. Author Dominic Pedler explains the chord sequences, melodies and harmonies that made up The Beatles' self penned songs and how they uncannily complemented the lyrical themes. He also assesses the contributions that rhythm, form and arrangement made to the Beatles unique sound. Throughout the book the printed music of the Beatles' songs appears alongside the text, illustrating the authors explanations. The Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles is an essential addition to Beatles literature - a new and perceptive analysis of the music itself itself as performed by what Paul McCartney still calls 'a really good, tight little band'.

Callaway has been at the cutting edge of driver technology ever since the first steel Big Bertha debuted almost 20 years ago. As well as pioneering the use of ever more exotic materials, the company's chief designer, Dr Alan Hocknell, leads an R&D team whose designs are inspired by everything from Raptor jet fighters to Lamborghini super cars in their quest for the ultimate big stick. Dominic Pedler spoke to the scientist affectionately known as 'Q' by his colleagues

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    Dominic Pedler of Golf International magazine is one of the journalists to have visited the site and he wrote: “Most impressive is how the course succeeds in incorporating the various disparate design thoughts into a single cohesive vision.”

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