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By Clair Weekes Peace From Nervous Suffering (mass market) [Mass Market Paperback]

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Dr Claire Hazel Weekes was born in1903 in Australia

To start off I will summarize how my problems began. I have had a buzzing feeling inside my body for the past 6 months. It started with eye twitching and random muscle twitching. Then the buzzing feeling started in my right foot but quickly spread (over weeks not months)to the rest of my body. I didn't realize at the time but I was suffering from long term anxiety and had been for many months, almost a year. The original health issue which started my anxiety is no longer a problem but my new anxiety symptoms have become the new problem. I am extremely scared of the buzzing, I hate it and it makes me more anxious and scared. HOWEVER, after having purchased 2 books from Dr Claire Weekes (Self Help for your Nerves AND Essential help for your nerves) I am starting to realize that it's my anxiety causing the buzzing sensations, no mystery illness. I would urge others on this site to buy these books. They explain in simple terms how we can recover. Basically the buzzing is caused by the body constantly releasing adrenaline when we are anxious. The nerves are on hyper alert and ready for action. Our bodies are simply responding to a chemical message. The answer is to calm the mind and the body will follow. I can't explain as well as Claire what to do so buy the books and follow her advice.

This work offers help to those suffering from the commonest kind of nervous illness - the anxiety state (often called nervous breakdown). In addition, Dr Claire Weekes offers advice to those whose illness is dominated by a particular fear - agoraphobia.

Dr Claire Weekes - Positive Panic Attacks

Self-Help for Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes NEW Self-Help for Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes NEW
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Dr Claire Weekes - Float through anxiety and panic

Essential guide for everything you need to know to keep relaxed through every day life Repackage of the phenomenally successful guide to dealing with nervous illness - Self Help for Your Nerves. This guide offers the most comprehensive insight and advice into coping with nervous stress. Sufferers of nervous illness regard Self Help for Your Nerves as their bible - many believe that if they had found it earlier they would have been saved years of unnecessary suffering. Dr Claire Weekes looks at: How the Nervous System Works What is Nervous Illness Common factors in the development of nervous illness Recurring Nervous Attacks Plus important chapters on depression, sorrow, guilt and disgrace, obsessions, sleeplessness, confidence, loneliness and agoraphobia. The book also shows the Dr Claire Weekes method, a practical programme on learning to take your place among people without fear.

Hope And Help For your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes is the gold standard by which I judge all other panic/anxiety “cures”. Dr. Weekes did an amazing job not only explaining the basis of panic disorder, but also in explaining in clear, concise language what needs to be done to address what she described as an “illness of how you think”. This book is inexpensive and in my opinion should be required reading for anyone dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, or panic disorder.