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Dragon Slippers


Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George- 9 1/2 out of 10 stars

Roar – these super comfy and cosy fleece dragon slippers are great fun for any little boy, but they are also hugely practical with Totes Non Slip paw-print sole, elasticated cuffs to make them easy to put on and great for staying on!

DRAGON SLIPPERS is an un-put-downable read, set in a vividly created fantasy world. The characters are wonderful, too (although I feel the storytelling, rather than the characters, is Jessica Day George's strength in this story). DRAGON SLIPPERS is an excellent novel, one sure to appeal to fantasy fans of all ages.

Stompeez Growling Dragon Slippers for Kids (B00822UZ2G)

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Dragon Plush Slippers

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Dragon Plush Slippers Description:
Dragon Plush Slippers. These fiery dragon slippers would look great on your feet. These are not wimpy anime or cute cartoon slippers, but instead are ferocious dragons. An original creation by Ron Spencer. One Size fits most.

Dragon Slippers Trilogy by Jessica Day George

How many boys are you giving away, I'll have one please. (he he he)
But seriously, I do love these Dragon Slippers and thank you for the tutorial.

I had been struggling to get published for nine years, and now I had been rejected 187 times and had a baby who cried from exhaustion all night but wouldn't sleep! One night, very tired, my husband and I decided that I would take a break from writing for a while, and just focus on our son and trying to get him to sleep. And eat. And stop crying. So of course he went to bed that night without any fuss. And of course, right as I was shutting down my laptop for the night, the entire story of Dragon Slippers just downloaded into my brain! I knew every line, every name, every dragon and what they hoarded. It was beautiful. It was magical. And it hasn't happened since! - Jessica day George