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Dreaming of the Death of Family Members

Dreams of death where somebody other than yourself dies could be an outward expression of an inner situation.
Is there some part of yourself that you feel has died within you? Like an old pattern or habit? Is there some part of you that has been suppressed? What part of yourself does the person in the dream remind you of?

To see somebody of your relatives dead in a dream perhaps portends sadness and disappointment. If you dream of finding out someone's death, wait for unpleasant news from this person. In general, you should be very careful in interpreting dreams associated with death. The fact is that our thoughts often serve as the source of dreams. As a result, causal images can lead a person astray. If you dream of seeing yourself or one of your relatives dying, in fact it warns that external circumstances will force you to commit an improper action. But if you dream of death coming to your enemy, in reality you will manage to overcome all the trials and score success.

Dreaming of Death and Dying: The Meaning of Death Dreams

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A Dream of Death by William Butler Yeats (24) - Poem Hunter

Dreams of death that come true are incredibly rare. They more likely to reflect fears of failure or feelings about undesirable changes than an actual death. In one study, people with heart disease who dreamed of death and taking journeys had a much higher mortality rate.

Death dreams are usually distressing and can even make you wonder if the Reaper is coming. But dreaming of death has a variety of interpretations. Dreams expand on an idea like death to include figurative meanings. So to interpret a death dream you look beyond literal definitions.