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gods, were evidently used in Christian times. Most Druidic magic was accompanied by a spell--transformation, invisibility, power over the elements, and the discovery of hidden persons or things. In other cases spells were used in medicine or for healing wounds. Thus the Tuatha Dé Danann told the Fomorians that they need not oppose them, because their Druids would restore the slain to life, and when Cúchulainn was wounded we hear less of medicines than of incantations used to stanch his blood. In other cases the Druid could remove barrenness by spells.

The former Jerick Du'malle of, after many lengthy conversations as to the nature of Druidic Magic with the earth druid, Elgaril Viikogyim, tries to elaborate further on the "essences" his new master speaks about, which are so central in Druidic Magic. In his last work for the, the "Treatise on Matter and Being", the mage tries to point out differences between the interpretation of and the one: "Once in a while our scholarly researches of the art are challenged by the simplicity one encounters at practiconers, who have never studied as such," he writes. "With the ease of the legendary I have seen that connect with nature as they sense that they are part of it. look at the heart of the matter, while a just happily fiddles with the surface. Even a Xeuá mage, who has left the elemental mage's obstinacy of focussing purely on the components of behind, still connects strings in the web of the fabric of being - but his understanding does not reach far enough as to see into the being itself. Nevertheless Ximax has borrowed the term from the, the 'aura' or even the 'essence' as some might also say, just as if men could copy the way of life and intrinsic understanding of nature and its inherent.

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    Druidic magic is based on the belief in essences. The way they explain it, they merge their own essence with the essence of what they want to change (most often things of untouched nature itself like rocks and trees), and from there merely will it into changing. This of course takes time, for they have to meditate to actually complete the merger. The older the essence one is trying to merge with, the longer it will take to merge with it. For example: a coastal that has been standing for over two millennia will take longer to merge with than a seedling flower. An older essence has "gotten used" to being the way it is. It is set in its ways, and thus harder to merge with. A younger essence is less set in its ways, and thus easier to merge with. It should be noted, that a changed essence is not a new essence, merely an old one that has taken on different qualities over the years.

    With training, one could learn to merge one's essence with the essence of something else. If such a merging occurs, the stronger willed of the two objects will be able to influence the essence of the other object, thus changing its characteristics. If the spiritual side is changed, its physical side will follow, and vice versa. If the physical side is changed, its essence will change to accommodate it. The exceptions to this are sentient beings. Kroneth Neeth, an investigate researcher of the department, concludes however that Druidic Magic has its natural limits: "Every that has tried to go beyond objects like stones and tree, obviously notices that merging of the essences is resisted by sentient essences. Its corporeal counterpart has a vague notion of something trying to control him, but they are not sure what is actually going on. A can try to work his on sentient beings, but the success is highly dubious." Kroneth nevertheless concedes that his researches have revealed that some might actually be able to challenge that seemingly impossible frontier and cross that treshold: "However, if one can get past that frontier, then an experienced is able to merge. Lore involving the interference and immediate action of for essential reasons are full of such oftentimes incredible mergers. And there are accounts that are quite serious that such mergers actually do happen." It is believed that if one's essence is not as strong willed as the essence it is merging with, then one might find his own essence being manipulated, instead of vice versa.