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Ducks are relatively small, short-necked, large-billed waterfowl (called wildfowl in Europe). Ducks belong to the family Anatidae (order Anseriformes), which also includes the swans and geese, but are then broken down into several subfamilies. In true ducks-those classified in the subfamily Anatinae-the legs are set far back on the body, as in swans, rather than forward, as in geese. This provides ducks with an advantage in swimming; however, the positioning of the legs makes a duck waddle when walking on land.

In many areas, wild ducks of various species (including ducks farmed and released into the wild) are hunted for food or sport, by shooting, or formerly by . Because an idle floating duck or a duck squatting on land cannot react to fly or move quickly, "a sitting duck" has come to mean "an easy target". These ducks may be such as .

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