Game of Thrones prequel -- the second Dunk and Egg story.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (A Song of Ice and Fire)


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Raised as Dunk in , Duncan became the squire of the . Duncan then traveled the as a hedge knight himself, with the young Prince Aegon as his squire. The early exploits of "Dunk and Egg" are chronicled in , which collects , , and .

We’ll see if any of this comes to pass, but certainly, HBO is likely eyeing some way to keep their most popular series alive, . And I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually start listening to Martin and take a look at ‘Dunk And Egg.’ As for the fans, they probably just want the author to stop talking about TV and movies and just finish those books already.

The , which claims the lives of Dunk and Egg

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Nov 18, 2013


Finished reading the Tales of Dunk and Egg few days ago, they are a lot lighter than ASOIAF books and as fun. They help you grasp more of the Targaryens and their history.

Who cares about Tuf Voyaging, it’s all about Dunk and Egg for me.

Now, Martin is back out there, once again dusting off “Tales Of Dunk And Egg,” but this time positioning the works as the source for a spinoff series.

Dunk and Egg took a poleboat down the to , where they took passage on the galleas to . Aboard the ship Dunk had his first experience of combat at sea when he helped repel some raiders. In Oldtown, Egg's brother measured Dunk and found he was an inch short of seven feet.