From Phase I to post-approval, E Squared’s offerings include:

E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


Even the tyres are squared off with mud. Note the new front mudguard.

Quick point, not saying you implied this but I want to cover it... a heavier wheel does not fall more quickly back towards the earth, this violates Newton's law... Remember, an apple and a pencil both fall towards Earth at the same speed 9.8 meters per second squared. Now, a heavier wheel may "prime" suspension springs more fully (I think this was your point Ravi) creating a stronger rebound but this will also result in bouncing forces that may compromise traction as well.

So anyway, I think it all boils down to this: "Aerodynamic drag increases with the square of speed; therefore it becomes critically important at higher speeds." regardless of motor efficiency, you're going to encounter more drag at higher speeds and for this reason and the fact that people on bikes (who aren't wearing triathlon helmets) are already producing a lot of drag, I'd say yes! The 20 mph speed cap on the Elite is going to extend the range... but I don't think that's why they did it and the energy saved will likely be negligible.

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Hannibal 2009-07-16
I don't get it? Why E squared?

Ernie multiplied by Ernie or Elaine multiplied by Elaine would be E squared? Ernie multiplied by Elaine would not...And why multiply anything?
Liz 2009-01-29
tracy 2008-12-21
Cute idea! Congratulations on 32 years. A rare thing today!

Yay! You're now following E Squared in your .

The rubber block is curved for conventional tubes, but it works a treat with the squared-off top tube on my Optibike. You can mount it wherever you have some free space.

The squared off sides of the axle are supposed to go tightly into the drop outs. That is floating in the the dropout, so maybe it's a floating axle? The way that is sitting, why would you think it would stay in place?