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This is a super cute Vintage Easter Clip Art piece of a Basket filled with all sorts of wonderful things! Included are some Eggs, loads of pretty Flowers and a darling White Bunny with Pink Eyes! Such a fun Image. I think the Basket itself is pretty great looking, I love the texture on it! A nice one for your Easter Projects or Crafts.

He never went to art school, but Mariusz Dubiel has turned the Easter tradition of painting eggs into an intricate art form. Dubiel has been decorating eggs for 15 years, practicing the art until he could copy religious works by Renaissance masters like Da Vinci. It takes him about an hour to scratch one hen egg and three hours for ostrich eggs. Even though his work is widely admired for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, Dubiel says his main purpose is spiritual. SOUNDBITE: Mariusz Dubiel, Easter egg artist, saying (Polish): "My Easter eggs convey emotion, and bring forth the feeling that we are not alone in the universe. By looking at these eggs, we can open ourselves up to the essence of God. It's not only about the eggs' aesthetics, coloring, or that they are pretty. They are supposed to arouse sadness, joy and hope. But this is the most important message of all - that faith in God may be shown in this particular way, not only on a painting but also in the structure of an egg." Easter eggs symbolize spring and the awakening of new life, but most of all, rebirth, on the day that according to Christian tradition marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1 - 36 of 10,000+ easter art for sale

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THERE ARE SOME CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS... that are solely tied to a single season, or nearly. The colorful, grassy-bright baskets of Easter and springtime come to mind, as do the paper snowflakes crafted when wintry days grow cold. Summer has its plentiful art projects — melon carving, anyone? — and autumn's crafts are plentiful, from the cornucopias of Thanksgiving to jack o'lantern faces. But scarecrows are way up there, too, on the autumn-beautiful chart. True, they can be seen all year long, out in corn-growing fields, serving as persuasive billboards to any approaching birds, suggesting that the visitors kindly move along. But lots of people get into the scarecrow-making act when the autumn equinox arrives, and the fall figures become something else: seasonal artworks. Those artworks are displayed by homes, and businesses, and sometimes whole towns. One of those towns happens to be coast-close, and charming as all get-out: It's , a place so associated with autumn charms that it served as the setting for no less than "Arachnophobia." But scarecrows, not multi-leg critters, dominate come October, when the...

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of Easter Subway art that is all about the bunny. Although we enjoy Easter baskets and egg hunts at our house I want to glorify the One who rose from the dead on Easter, my Savior. So I created my own Easter Subway Art to bring glory to Jesus, the Risen One! I had it printed on canvas in the modern Easter colors. To download a huge version {to use as you please} simply click on the style you want.