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The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren (The Paranormal Investigators Featured in the Film "The Conjuring")


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This is the second trailer for TheConjuring. The movie is based on thecase files of paranormal investigators Edand Lorraine Warren, which document thePerron family's supernatural experiencesat their farmhouse during the 1970s.

The American homestead is synonymous with the American Dream. For many, the promise of that dream seemed like a tangible reality – a good job, a white picket fence and a house to come home to with a family waiting inside. Unfortunately, for most, the American Dream of the ’50s was a mirage. As the ’60s and ’70s trudged forward in history, a series of brutal incidents from race-based violence to the Charles Manson murders served to destabilize a country that was meant to be an answer to the freedom that its European settlers had long hoped for.

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Ed Warren (1926-2006) and Lorraine Warren (born 1927) were self-styled and hunters famed for their role in making the already crazy residents of house sound even crazier. They enjoyed a decades-long career of enabling, supporting, and exploiting the fantasies of troubled families struggling with problems like , , mental illness, and .

Ed & LORRAINE WARREN'S OCCULT MUSEUM Monroe, CT. ~ Display of strange objects that were taken out of circulation by the famed Warrens including a cursed string or pearls that reportedly tried to strangle their owner, and a murderous Raggedy-Ann style doll.